What are the costs in Trading Avengers?

– The first month’s payment is £99 and then there is an ongoing license fee of £99.
There is no promotional time of the trading Avengers. (When a customer has referred 3 active
customers then they are no longer billed for their recurring £99 license fee.)
Affiliate with License
– Depending on when the person purchased the license it can be used
as affiliate package. If you want to be affiliate then you have to pay monthly licence fee, but
if you want to have free subscription then you have to have referred 3 active customers.

What is the minimum required account balance for trading?

While there is a range of balances that people begin with, £1,000 has been reported to us as a
good place to begin. Anything less than this could be dangerous due to drawdown on an
account’s balance.
The software needs sufficient equity in the account to trade out of drawdown.
The “Trade Avenger” is a per trade scenario and the trader should use with personal
Just make sure for all trading you are using proper risk management. You can set profit and
risk targets through software.

How to reset the weekly profit on theTrade Avenger?

If you find that your trading has already reached the weekly profit that you set in your trader and you decide you want to trade more during the rest of the week you will need to perform the following steps.

1.Open MT4.

2.Right click on your chart and select “Expert Adviser”

3.Increase the weekly goal setting according to your new goal. (Ex. If it was 10% and you wanted to shoot for another 3%, you would change it to 13%)

4.Make sure this is consistent across all charts

5.Reboot Mt4

That should have reset the profits so that the EA will continue to work.Once your weekly profit target is completed software will stop taking trades.

Trade Avenger is Not Trading

There are a couple of messages that indicate your Trade Avenger is not trading. Please check
the following.
1.The days you allow the Trade Avenger to trade in the input settings.
2.You have not surpassed your profit for the week.
3.Your auto trading is allowed.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

How many licenses can I run on one VPS account?

In most cases, this is not a problem. It depends on the

software that you are running as well as other processes

that are running on your VPS and the hardware that your

VPS has installed.

As you install additional licenses on the same VPS it is good

to pull up the Task Manager and see the resources being

used. You can check for applications/programs that are

running that you may not need. You want to make sure the

Memory is not over 70% despite what the CPU shows.

A high Memory load will cause your VPS to be sluggish and it

will affect the trading efficiency. (see image below)

If you want to get technical you can also learn how to

optimize MetaTrader 4 in an attempt to get more speed from

your computer

Do I have to have a VPS? If so, why?

Technically you do not need a VPS. But it is the most

common decision for the mass of traders.

A VPS is a “virtual private server”. It’s basically a computer

that runs 24/7 in the cloud even when you’ve turned off your

computer or are not connected to the internet.

It is essential to running our expert advisors most


How do I get the fastest VPS possible?

Whoa! It is most likely that you don’t need the fastest VPS

possible. Your need for power and speed on a VPS is dependent

on how many MetaTrader 4 instances you plan to run on the same


You can also chat with your VPS provider to purchase their fastest

VPS setup but their basic to the mid-range package should be


There are other factors to consider for speed other than more


Broker and VPS Locations – Make sure your VPS server

location is as close to the broker as possible. You can find out

where the broker is located by chatting your broker and you

can have your VPS provider change your location by chatting

your VPS provider.

A speed of less than 10ms is great while a speed of less than

20ms is decent.

You can check the latency speed of your VPS connection to your

broker in the bottom-right corner of your MT4 window.

How do I set up my VPS?

In order to set up your VPS please contact your VPS

provider. They will have instructions, as each VPS is a little bit

different. Most VPS providers have live chat and fast response



Where should my VPS be located?

When you first create a VPS account you may be asked if you want your VPS in any number

of locations like Amsterdam, London, New York, Singapore or others.

The key to knowing the location is knowing which locations work best with the forex broker

that you have chosen to use for your trading.

For example, if you were to use a broker like IC Markets you would want your VPS in Asia

and not Amsterdam or London or USA.

So before you choose your VPS location, find out which location is the best to use with your


How to install trading robot to your MT4 platform?

Setting for Trade avenger to run on gold are

For $1000 dollars,

Lot size = 0.01

Profit level = 100

Weekly profits = 12%

Risk Level =45%

Grid level = 240

Friday trading = Off

You can leave the rest settings as default

See this video foe some info


Install Remote Desktop on Phone to View MT4

With the MT4 app for the phone you can control your trades in your trading account; make,

close, edit, and cancel trades.

With the MT4 app, you are not able to turn off your auto trading from your phone, which is

essential to stop the expert advisors from placing more trades. To do this you need to access

the VPS so you can get to the Auto Trade button at the top of the MT4 software. To do this

you will need a computer, have a person that can access your VPS from their computer or use

the Remote Desktop app to access your VPS from your phone. You can download Remote

desktop app to your phone, in this app you need info from your vps provider to login to your

vps on your phone.

Some links for vps provider